Cyber Security: Scam Awareness

In light of the recent news that more than 500 million Yahoo accounts were hacked, we wanted to remind our customers of the importance of cyber security. Although they’re reporting that sensitive financial data was not part of the stolen information, having personal information of any kind puts you and potentially others at risk. Here are a few other recent scams to look out for:

  • First, whether on a personal device or a work-provided one, it’s important to be mindful of the kinds of apps you’re downloading. One recent example is the Pokémon Go app, which is wildly popular. Researchers have discovered that many “online tutorials” for the app are linked to malicious software.  There is malicious software that specifically targets Android devices while some will target iOS devices.  Learn more here.
  • Next, there are several social media scams to be aware of, including fake accounts, comments, discounts, surveys and more. Read about the top five social media-related scams here.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most disturbing, many online scammers are preying on the public’s empathy for tragedies like the Orlando club shooting and Louisiana flooding by running fake charity scams. Click here for a few tips to keep in mind when helping out.

When in doubt, Google the latest cyber scams before clicking on an unfamiliar link.

We hope these tips will help keep your work and personal devices digitally safe. For more useful information, click here for the Department of Homeland Security’s “Stop.Think.Connect.” Toolkit.

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