Introducing a New Feature of Safety Video Training

As the WorkSafe People, our goal is to help customers build and maintain safe work environments for their employees. Our comprehensive toolbox offers a wealth of resources, including safety materials, online safety training and access to safety videos.

In an effort to improve our safety offerings, we’ve added a new feature to our safety video program, which is offered through Comprehensive Loss Management, Inc. (CLMI). Users can now utilize smart phones, tablets, Windows and Mac computers (on any browser) to view safety videos through ClickStream. By offering videos through ClickStream, employees can view their course on a variety of devices – they can start the program on their phone, continue on their tablet and finish on their desktop computer! This added convenience makes safety training easier and more efficient.

The videos are available to employees for a 24-hour period (unlimited use) at the discounted price of $14.95. For full access to the training videos, or to learn more, policyholders can log in to our Secure Toolbox at

Workplace Violence Prevention Campaign
Last month, we rolled out our new Workplace Violence Prevention campaign to help our customers eliminate violence and crime at their businesses. This program offers important information and tips and tools to help businesses prevent violence and crime in the workplace. We encourage you to access this information regularly to keep your employees safe.

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