Learn Roadway Safety Tips from Accident Fund’s Transportation Safety Campaign


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly 1,900 drivers suffered fatal work injuries due to transportation incidents in 2014, which accounted for 40% of fatal workplace injuries. When we say “drivers,” we’re talking about more than just long-haul truckers or other workers whose primary job is to operate a vehicle. Because accidents can happen in a flash, it’s critical for everyone on the road to understand the importance of safe driving.

With that in mind, Accident Fund has created a Transportation Safety campaign that covers a wide variety of safety topics pertaining to driver safety. Here’s a short overview of just a few of the campaign topics:

  • Defensive Driving
    A good defensive driving attitude is the key to safety on the road — use this guide to help create a proper environment in your workplace.
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
    Learn more about distracted, drowsy, aggressive and impaired driving in this brochure, as well as training tips and motorcycle safety.
  • Three-Point Contact
    A significant number of drivers are injured each year from slipping and falling when entering and exiting their vehicle. This flyer gives the principles and tips to keep in mind when adhering to proper three-point contact procedures.

The campaign site contains many other marketing pieces, links to helpful resources, transportation safety articles and more. Be sure to visit our Transportation Safety site today for lots of useful safety information and tips. Additional safety tools and resources can be found in the Toolbox on our website.


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