NAOSH Safety and Health Week is Just Around the Corner!

North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week takes place May 7-13, 2017. NAOSH Safety and Health Week was first launched in 1997 through an agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The responsibility and management of NAOSH Week continues under the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE). In 2007, the Board of Directors of the CSSE approved the creation of “Occupational Safety and Health Professional (OSHP) Day,” which is celebrated on Wednesday of NAOSH Week.

The purpose of the week is to increase understanding of the benefits of investment in occupational safety and health, raise awareness of the role and contribution of safety and health professionals, and reduce workplace injuries and illness by encouraging new safety and health activities and interest in NAOSH Week.  The purpose of OSHP Day is to honor occupational safety, health, and environmental professionals who have dedicated their lives to protecting people, property, and the environment.

NAOSH Week presents an opportunity to focus, reinforce, and strengthen commitment to occupational safety and health. Participation and involvement in NAOSH Week has been shown to:

  • Improve attitudes towards safety
  • Increase understanding of the importance of occupational safety and health
  • Foster a safety-minded culture
  • Increase cooperation
  • Assist in team building and improve communication between employees, safety committees and safety professionals

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Policyholder and Agency Activity Suggestions:

  • Host a safety day camp for school children, employees and their families.
  • Launch a recognition program for safety suggestions that are put into use or enhance ongoing health and safety practices.
  • Partner with suppliers and safety organizations to set up specific safety demonstrations focused on safe work habits for employees and/or people in the community.
  • Launch a “New Worker” Orientation Manual. Conduct orientation and training sessions specific to the new and inexperienced worker.
  • Sponsor a poster contest for employee’s children and create a safety calendar for your staff and clients.
  • Insert NAOSH Week messages in correspondence, memorandums and e-mails to staff – and display posters, flags. etc. in offices and communities.
  • Introduce games, contests to test knowledge of safety & health facts and information.
  • Send public service announcements (PSA) to local radio stations, and contact local media to arrange interviews or promote organization’s activities
  • Work with local school boards to coordinate special events, special safety days or help them expand their safety efforts.
  • Work with high school students to promote safety as a career.
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