Slip and Fall Safety Important All Year Long

Throughout the SAFE: Slip and Fall Elimination campaign, we have focused on the slip, trip and fall (STF) exposures that arise during winter. Each phase has provided resources to help reduce the potential for winter weather-related accidents and injuries. As we wrap up this year’s campaign and enter spring and summer, we want to remind you of the importance of slip and fall safety all year long.

While slips, trips and falls on snow and ice account for a percentage of claims, those unrelated to the winter season account for even more. It’s important to stay focused on a broader view of STF hazards and the various safety measures that can be implemented to combat related injuries.

One way to do so is through slip, trip and fall standards set forth by OSHA. The following, geared toward general industry and construction but useful for every workplace, should always be followed:

  • Keep all areas of the workplace clean and sanitary.
  • Ensure floors are kept clean and dry, especially areas where wet processes are used.
  • Provide proper drainage and dry standing places (mats, platforms, etc.) if wet processes are used.
  • Keep aisles and passageways clear and in good repair.
  • Clearly mark permanent aisles and passageways.
  • Guard all stairway floor openings with a standard railing.
  • Ensure every ladder floor opening or platform is guarded with a standard toe board on all exposed sides.
  • Surround any floor hole that could be walked into with a standard railing or toe board.
  • Use a cover of standard strength and construction for infrequently used floor holes, such as trapdoors; when the cover is not in place, the opening should be constantly attended by someone or protected by removable standard railings.

Customers can also log in to our website to gain valuable information on topics such as:

  • Ladder safety
  • 3-point contact (for transportation)
  • Fundamentals of housekeeping
  • General slip and fall protection
  • Sprain and strain prevention

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