Tips for Avoiding Violent Crimes in the Workplace

Violent crime is a serious problem — especially in service industries, such as restaurants and convenience stores. A recent Violence in the American Workplace survey found that 52% of working Americans “have witnessed, heard about or have experienced a violent event or an event that can lead to violence at their workplace.” That’s why every business should take every possible measure to ensure their employees are safe from violent crime while at work.

As the WorkSafe People™, we can help. Use the following information as you develop your own safety program on violent crime prevention:

  • Consider an on-site security alarm system and/or security cameras.
  • Do not open locked doors for anyone you don’t know.
  • If your facility has communication devices for employees, consider having a code word or phrase so all employees know that a robbery is in progress.
  • Install bright lights in recreational areas, parking lots and garages, and keep them in good working order.
  • Conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure door locks and security systems are working.
  • Have multiple employees on duty during high-risk periods (typically 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.).
  • Install bullet-resistant shielding to protect employees working in cash areas.
  • Add mirrors to eliminate blind spots in the store and around doors.
  • Install a panic button that automatically calls for help.
  • Have cashier areas visible from outside the store.
  • Have cashiers or other employees greet each customer who enters the store. Lack of attentiveness allows a robber to case the store and take a cashier or employee by surprise.
  • Work with the local police department to organize a neighborhood watch program to give employees and guests more security.
  • Maximize natural surveillance. Employees should have an optimal view of the entrance and interior of the store.
  • Post “No Loitering” signs outside and enforce a no loitering policy.

We created a Workplace Violence Prevention campaign to help our customers eliminate violence and crime at their businesses. Click here to access the site, which is full of useful information, safety tips and tools.

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