Why Your Business Needs a Workplace Violence Prevention Program


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicates that workplace murders are the leading killer of female employees and the second-leading killer of males. The service sector, which includes retail establishments, police and security services, and limousine and taxi services, accounts for more than half of workplace homicides and  85% of non-fatal workplace assaults. Employees in health care and community services also experience an increased risk of non-fatal assaults.

Establishing a workplace violence prevention program is an effective way to help keep employees safe. In addition, your employees will be more comfortable and productive knowing your workplace has policies and procedures in place to guard against threats and potentially dangerous situations.

Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

While it’s difficult to develop a precise profile of an employee who could turn violent, there are signs you should look for. Be on alert if an employee:

  • Appears to be going through a difficult time (personally or professionally)
  • Acts paranoid
  • Shows contempt for fellow workers or supervisors
  • Suddenly starts showing up late (or not at all)
  • Issues direct or suggestive threats
  • Brings a weapon to work

To prevent violence in the workplace, employers should:

  • Encourage employees to report suspicious or threatening co-workers
  • Provide stress management training for workers and management
  • Offer employee assistance programs to help workers deal with stress

For more information about workplace violence prevention, visit our campaign site today.

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