Report a Claim

We’re committed to providing quick resolution to your claim. Claims should be reported within 24 hours of the incident. Please use one of the following options to submit your claim.

  • Option 1 – Login to our secure site and submit the First Notice of Loss online (this allows you to provide the more detail, and can accelerate the claims process)
  • Option 2 – Complete and submit the First Report of Injury form (on our public site) (you don’t have to log in, and can quickly start the process)
  • Option 3 – Call 866-206-5851 to report the claim details
  • Option 4 – Email claim information to
  • Option 5 -Submit a fax to 866-814-5595

Important Note: If you suspect the injury might be fraudulent, call Accident Fund’s Fraud Hotline at 800-944-3728.

Search for PPO Providers

If you are in need of a PPO medical provider, you can search the Accident Fund directory by clicking here.