Accident Fund Recognizes Policyholder’s Outstanding Safety Achievements

Accident Fund recently presented Dan Vos Construction Co. with a safety award thanks to their outstanding safety record. Dan Vos Construction has impressively had zero lost-time accidents in their last three policy years (and four calendar years) with Accident Fund.

Located in Ada, Mich., and founded in 1951, Dan Vos Construction fully believes in the importance of safety on the job, and goes to great lengths to make safety a true part of their culture.

“I appreciate their proactive approach to safety,” said Senior WorkSafe Consultant Mike Rabach. “They’ll personally call me and ask when I can come do a safety survey of their job sites. While I’m at one of their sites, all of their project managers, supervisors and skilled-trades people are very cooperative, and always willing to explain their job hazards and controls.”


Back row (L to R): Dan Vos Construction Safety Committee members Arley Parson, Ben Bowen and Derek Schwenk, and Accident Fund Senior WorkSafe Consultant Mike Rabach. Front row (L to R): Dan Vos Construction Safety/Field Operations Manager Brian Kuhlman, Safety Committee members Derek Eade and Joe Phillips, and Executive Vice President Dan T. Vos.

Dan Vos Construction’s safety efforts are driven by the owners and supported by a full-time safety director, an active safety committee and each of their employees. By partnering with their agent at Pinnacle Insurance Partners as well as Accident Fund’s WorkSafe Consulting Services team, they take every safety step possible to ensure their employees go home safe at night. And based on their safety record, what they’re doing is obviously working!

We are proud to partner with policyholders and agents who take such a great amount of pride in workplace safety, and congratulate Dan Vos Construction for this remarkable safety achievement!