Accident Fund Insurance Company of America Presents WorkSafe Award To Baily International Foods

July 26, 2017

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America presented a 2017 WorkSafe Award to the management and employees of Baily International Foods of Granite City, Ill.   Accident Fund presents the award throughout the U.S. to companies who demonstrate a commitment to workplace safety excellence.

“Baily International Foods has now gone two years without a loss time injury,” said Matt Arnold, loss control consultant at Accident Fund Insurance Company of America. “This success is not only due to the Baily employees, but also to management’s commitment to providing a safe workplace.  Baily has actively partnered with us and their insurance agency, the CJ Thomas Company, in a collaborative effort to improve safety for its employees. We are proud of the fantastic results.”

“Accident Fund’s guidance and support has been of great value to Baily International Foods in developing best practices and identifying workplace safety hazards,” said Bill Wittenberg, director at CJ Thomas Company.  “Baily has worked closely with Accident Fund’s loss control department for several years and the result of that partnership is a corporate culture that emphasizes workplace safety and its importance. I have been fortunate enough to work with Baily for nearly three decades, and I am very proud of this achievement they so richly deserve.”

“I believe this award was earned with a top to bottom commitment to safety, including every employee all the way to the owner,” said Baily International Foods plant manager Ted Jackson.  “Accident Fund has partnered with our safety people and has given us all the support and tools needed to work toward the zero accident culture.  It has paid off.  Rafael Garcia, our plant production manager, and Brenda Craig, safety manager, were instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.  I have been here since we opened this plant 25 years ago, and safety has never been better than now.”

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