Fraud Detection & Prevention

How to Avoid Fraud

While very few claims are fraudulent, there are several important steps you should always follow to minimize fraudulent claims. This includes:

  • Verification of references and work history upon hire.
  • Immediate reporting of all claims.
  • Reporting of suspicious activity or claims concerns to Accident Fund’s Fraud Hotline: 800-944-3728.
  • Prominent display of the Accident Fund fraud poster in your workplace. Large quantities can be ordered from the policyholder site.

Examples of Workers’ Comp Fraud

  • Falsely reporting payroll figures to reduce premium.
  • A claim made for an injury sustained someplace other than at work.
  • An employee collecting wage payments while working at another job.
  • Physicians billing for services not rendered.

Fraud Warning Signs

  • Claims reported first thing in the morning, especially on Mondays or just after lunch.
  • Claims in which the details surrounding the incident change over time.
  • A medical bill that reflects services not rendered.
  • An injury sustained in a highly populated work area, but without any witnesses.

How to Report Fraud

If you or an employee suspect workers’ compensation fraud, call our anonymous hotline at 800-944-3728. All calls are strictly confidential. Or you may submit an online referral in the form below. Please provide as much detail as possible.

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