AFXpress Submissions Process

Our proven automated quoting system (eLink) provides an efficient way to do business for AFXpress agents.

This intuitive system offers:

  • Pricing authority, which allows quoting, re-quoting and binding.
  • Extensive underwriting appetite for new business.
  • Ability to create multiple quote iterations for customers.

Step 1: Account

Utilize Real Time rating to “bridge” the ACORD standard information from your Agency Management System into our automated quoting system – eLink. This alleviates the need for manual entry and reduces errors.

Another option:

Manual entry of basic ACORD standard information into our online-based quoting system.

Supported Agency Management Systems:

  • Applied: TAM, Vision, and EPIC
  • AMS: 360, AfW and Sagitta

Step 2: Rate/Quote

  • Once all ACORD information is entered and verified, the system is ready to rate and provide a quote.
  • Upon rating, you’ll receive either an approved quote along with the indicated price or a declination.
  • The pricing can be adjusted upward utilizing scheduled rating based on account characteristics. No downward adjustments are permitted — as we’ve provided you our best price!

Step 3: Bind

  • A policy number is provided once the binding process is completed.
  • Printable bound application available for saving, printing or emailing.

Step 4: Processed

  • Quality check completed by carrier staff.
  • Policy issued by the system in an overnight cycle.

Step 5: Issued

  • Agent receives email notification that the policy is available for printing and delivery to the policyholder.
  • Agent can download policy information back into the Agency Management System.

Step 6: Web Payments

Policyholders and AFXpress agents can sign up for online bill payment, with options for:

  • One-time payment
  • Scheduled payments
  • Notification emails when invoices are available and paid