AFXpress FAQ

I have bound business, now what?

The policy will drop into Accident Fund’s policy system overnight. At that point our Service Center does a quality check. Once the Service Center has completed their process, the policy will be issued overnight. Your agency will receive an Agent Inbox notification along with the policy download in your agency management system (if your system is set up to allow for this). You are responsible for delivering (mail, email, etc.) the new business policy to your Accident Fund customer.

How will I know when the new business is issued?

You will receive an Agent Inbox notification letting you know the policy has been issued. At that point you can view and print the policy.

How long does it take to see the new business?

This can vary based on business fluctuations, but if the policy passes the quality check and additional information is not needed, it will be issued within five business days.

Who do I contact if I need an endorsement after a policy has already been bound?

Please contact policy support at 866-206-5851 or email them at They can help you with endorsements, billing invoices, audit issues and much more.

What do you mail and what are we responsible for?

Printing and mailing responsibilities:

  • The agency is responsible for printing and mailing new policies, renewal policies and endorsements to policyholders.
  • Accident Fund is responsible for printing and mailing invoices, audit worksheets, cancellations, reinstatements, conditional renewal notices and non-renewals to policyholders.

What are the payment plan options?

Payment options are determined by policy premium. You can choose the payment plan up to the highest installment offered based on premium. There is a $5 installment fee for all pay-plan installments except full pay.

Policy premium pay-plan levels and installments:

  • Under $400: Annual
  • $400-$999: 2-pay
  • $1,000-3,999: 4-pay
  • Over $4,000: 10-pay

How do we make payments?

Here are the payment options and instructions:

  • Direct Bill: You can bind a policy, and we will bill the policyholder for the initial payment and all future installments.
    Mail Payment:
    Dept. 77125
    Accident Fund Insurance Company of America
    P.O. Box 77000
    Detroit, MI 48277-0125
  • Pay by Phone: 866-206-5851
  • Online payment from agent
  • EFT from agent or policyholder. See the EFT page for more details.
  • We do not accept credit card payments at this time.