Ladder Falls Contribute to Significant Numbers of Workplace Injuries – Accident Fund Offers Tips to Reduce the Risk of Falls

May 9, 2016

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America continues to see a significant number of workplace accident claims related to the careless use of ladders. As a result, the company is introducing a spring safety campaign reminding employers and their employees of the problem while offering tips to reduce the risk of falls.

Accident Fund claims data showed more than 1,660 ladder fall claims between 2011 and 2015. Each year in the U.S., accidents involving ladders cause an estimated 300 deaths and 130,000 injuries requiring emergency medical attention. Despite continued educational efforts, the problem remains and work needs to be done to minimize the risk of injury.

“Ladder safety remains a major concern of ours. Being conscious of ladder safety is one way to prevent workplace accidents and keep workers safe on the job,” said David Hintz, manager of Loss Control for Accident Fund.  “And it’s not only a problem in the workplace.  The same things are happening around the home as people often overlook common-sense safety tips when getting on a ladder to clean gutters or to perform other routine tasks. Most of these accidents are completely avoidable.”

To help, loss control experts from Accident Fund launched a safety campaign this month to raise awareness of the dangers involving ladders and tips to avoid accidents. The campaign addresses everything from ladder selection and setup to a variety of recommendations regarding climbing and working safely on ladders.

Basic Ladder Safety Tips

  • Choose the right ladder for the task being completed.
  • Check the condition of the ladder.
  • Place the ladder with your safety in mind.
  • Climb the ladder carefully.
  • Never overreach! Move the ladder instead.
  • Tie off the ladder.
  • Take care of your ladders. Maintain them well.

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