Heritage Tractor Receives WorkSafe Award

October 7, 2013

Accident Fund recently awarded policyholder Heritage Tractor with a safety award thanks to their impressive workplace safety achievements.

Founded in 1998, Heritage Tractor specializes in new and used tractors, utility vehicles, power equipment and parts at 10 locations throughout eastern Kansas and western Missouri. Since 2010, Heritage Tractor has reduced their experience modification factor from 1.16 to 1.03.

Pictured: Heritage Tractor owners Ken and Diane Wagner, Richard Garrett, Paul Cohen and Adam Gildemeister of Cretcher Heartland, LLC.

The owners “open door” policy to Accident Fund’s safety services and tools has contributed to their improved results. Over the past few years, Heritage has implemented a formal return-to-work program, formed a monthly safety committee, performed monthly safety inspections and increased management accountability.

“Heritage Tractor has been extremely welcoming to our input and interactions,” said Accident Fund WorkSafe Consulting Services Manager Richard Garrett. “They promptly act upon suggestions for improvement and have implemented ‘top down’ safety and loss control measures at each of their locations.”

Accident Fund presented the award to Heritage Tractor in July. In partnership with Cretcher Heartland Agency, Accident Fund congratulates Heritage Tractor on this special recognition.

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