Ladder Safety Campaign

Falls are the second most deadly cause of workplace death, and improper use of ladders is a significant factor. In fact, ladder-related citations are common on OSHA’s annual list of top 10 most cited violations.

Consider these resources to encourage ladder safety throughout the workplace:

Ladder Safety Training Library

This free safety training tool from the American Ladder Institute is designed to aid in proper selection, care and safe use of all ladders. It includes online safety training modules, safe ladder video demonstrations and safety tests for various ladder types and applications (e.g., construction, building and custodial services, manufacturing and more).

NIOSH Ladder Safety App

This free measuring tool uses visual, audio and vibration cues to help workers set an extension ladder at the proper angle. Learn more and download the app.

Ladder Safety Checklist

Found on, this checklist from the American Ladder Institute could be a helpful reminder posted at employee job sites or in common areas. It offers tips about ladder dynamics and safe surroundings, but it also emphasizes user behavior with questions like, “Are the soles of your shoes clean? Did you remember a tow line or tool belt? Are you tired or dizzy?”

To learn more about ladder safety and National Ladder Safety Month, visit

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