TLC Operations Receives WorkSafe Award for Continuous Safety Improvement

As a result of its strong commitment to continuous safety improvement, along with an extraordinary partnership with Accident Fund’s Loss Control team, Accident Fund policyholder TLC Operations was recently recognized with a 2020 WorkSafe Award.

Based in Raleigh, NC, TLC Operations works with children, adults and families through a diverse range of onsite and community-based programs, including educational services, respite care, early childhood intervention, autism therapies, community living support and residential living.

Sara Crawford, CEO, Jamie Horton, manager of Human Resources, and Kim Williams, president and COO of TLC Operations, receive a 2020 WorkSafe Award in a virtual award presentation.

Since 2015, when the organization had 23 losses with a total incurred cost of $80,000, TLC Operations has consistently shown improvement, and in 2020 reported an impressive injury rate of .90 (compared to the industry standard of 3.5) and an experience modification rating of 0.93 (down from 1.41 in 2015), which represents a 54 percent cost savings during this five-year period

Much of TLC Operations’ success, said Steve Bock, senior loss control consultant for Accident Fund, is due to the organization’s safety committee, in which Steve played an active role during the early stages of implementation.

“In partnership with the TLC Operations management team, we reviewed losses and loss trends, created ways to recognize employees for safe behavior and help them feel valued within the organization, and established training guidelines to ensure that incident investigations were being conducted for all work-related injuries,” said Steve. “The organization was also successful in increasing employee wages to help curb turnover. These results wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership of the entire TLC Operations team. Their commitment to employee safety and safety of their patients was and still is parallel.”​​​​​​​

Congratulations to TLC Operations for their continued success and to Accident Fund’s Loss Control team for their commitment to improving workplace safety for our customers!

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