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We’re dedicated to understanding and actively managing complex workers’ compensation risk with unwavering commitment to supporting the needs of our customers. Below you will find additional information and helpful resources to assist with your claims reporting.

Claim Reporting

Claim Reporting

Please advise in all claim reporting methods if the injured worker remains working or is off of work to ensure appropriate claim resources are assigned after the initial receipt of the claim.

Five Ways to Report a Claim

  1. Online: Accident Fund’s Digital Customer Portal
  2. Email: ClaimsExpress@AccidentFund.com 
  3. Phone: (866) 206-5851
  4. Fax: (866) 814-5595
  5. TeleCompCare®: Upon contacting our telemedicine hotline, FNOL is auto-initiated Report all claims, including incident-only claims, within one business day. Your dedicated claims representative will contact you within 24 hours. Policyholders must be registered for TeleCompCare® to take advantage of those services.

Click here to review the approved claim submission guidelines.

Post-Injury Tools and Services

Accident Investigation
A workplace injury can happen when you least expect it, which is why it’s important to know how to respond when it does. Review these materials before an injury occurs:

Refer to these resources after an injury occurs:

Pharmacy Program
Through our partnership with myMatrixx by Evernorth, injured workers have access to many pharmacy services, including home delivery and specialty pharmacy care, physician outreach programs, utilization management and more. myMatrixx leverages the robust network of over 68,000 pharmacies.

For more information, view our Pharmacy Program Overview or contact your dedicated business development consultant.

Transitional Duty and Return-to-Work Programs
A successful Transitional Duty/Return-to-Work program can help reduce claims costs and lower experience modifiers, decrease litigation frequency, deter fraud and assist injured workers financially and mentally. If you are unable to provide a Return-to-Work program, we have one available. Review these resources for more information on this important topic:


Claim Texting for Injured Workers
Injured workers can opt into mobile communications to expedite communications with our Claims team. The information shared via text messaging seamlessly integrates into our claim system — making the process swift and effective. Learn more: Claims Texting for Injured Workers.

Fraud Prevention & Causation Investigation

Fraud Detection & Prevention
We aggressively investigate workers’ compensation fraud by working closely with the National Insurance Crime Bureau, outside investigative agencies and our in-house Investigative Services Unit (ISU). While fraud occurs in a relatively small percentage of claims, the expense can have a devastating impact for employers.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, call toll-free at 800-944-FRAUD (3728). Calls are confidential and can be made anonymously.

Causation Investigation
Our Causation specialists are the post-injury fact finders who use occupational and non-occupational risk factors to help medical providers determine whether an injury is work related. We’re one of few workers’ compensation carriers who do this work – and it means millions in loss avoidance on average each year. Learn more here.

Loss Control & Injury Prevention Best Practices

See ErgoView in action:



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